StockVoting is a platform that enables user to emit certificates (smart contracts) based on the stock market. This functionality is equal to the traditional warrants transferred into the blockchain world.

The biggest advantage of this technology is the reduction and transparency of transaction fees that are fixed price (blockchain fee) rather than an relative fee (traditional warrants).
Furthermore, the emission of such contracts can be achieved each blockchain user rather than institutions.
Also the time to emit or use such certificates is reduced to blockchain transaction time.

Besides this functionality, analysts can share their analysis and earn money through the attention they receive. Through the accuracy of their share price predictions, they can improve their credibility.

Story time is a platform that enables user to emit their own warrants. This process is quite expensive (1% of invested capital and annual 1% performance fee) and takes a very long time. I personally tried to emit a certificate in December 2019.
Since than, I programmed the whole website and the certificate is still not emitted. The idea came to me when I waited for the emission and read a lot about blockchain technology. The corona phase gave me the free time and I used the chance.


The financial market forecast in combination with smart contracts is unique. The only real competitor is Augur, which is more focused on the betting market rather than financial market. It’s market capitalization is 138 M$ (June 2020).

StockVoting was founded by Alexander Treib, which is a software engineer in the autonomous driving world.

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Elevator Pitch

StockVoting is a platform that empowers each blockchain user to emit their financial certificates like traditionally only banks were able to do.

Furthermore, stock market analyst can share their reports and obtain a reputation through the accuracy of their share price prediction history made on the website.