Can I vote without an account?

Yes, voting is free and will be counted on the overall voting of the underlying.

Login to track your votings and obtain your prediction score.

Is voting free?

Yes. You can vote for any stock available completely for free. Even if your aren’t logged in, you can vote anonymously. Indeed your voting doesn’t count that much.

In the My Votings section you can keep track of your votes. Your votes results in your prediction score and therefore your credibility.

Analysis & Publishing

How do I write an article?

If you log in you can write your first article. Based on the quality of your article you will earn money directly from stockvoting.net. For your first approved article you will receive one month free StockVoter VIP membership.

How are my articles ranked?

Your publications are rated on the following criteria:

  • Your prediction score
  • Claps of your audience
  • Other analytics (like traffic)

How is the prediction score calculated?

Currently, we don’t publish the formula, but it consists of the elements:

  • Accuracy of your predictions
  • Days left until the prediction is due
  • Accumlated past predictions accuracy.

How much am I getting paid?

When you want to join StockVoting Publisher Program, you will be paid monthly based on how much time StockVoting members spend reading your analyst reports. Earnings are calculated based on two components:

  1. How long StockVoters spend reading your story. As StockVoters (paying members) spend more time reading your story (“member reading time”), you’ll earn more. When we calculate your report’s earnings, we’ll also include reading time from non-members if they subscribe to StockVoting as a StockVoter in a certain time.
  2. How much of their monthly reading time StockVoters spend on your story. By calculating a share of member reading time, we support authors who write about unique topics and connect with loyal readers. For example, if last month a member spent 10% of their monthly reading time on your report, you will receive 10% of their share (a portion of their subscription fee).

Currently, we have a special program that you will get paid a minimum of 5$ as base salary.

Smart Contracts

What is MetaMask and why do I need it?

MetaMask is our preferred browser plugin for the blockchain transactions. You need it because you need to create a cryptocurrency wallet.

But don’t worry it’s free.

Click here for the installation Guide

Do I have to invest money?

No, voting is for sure for free and you can test every transaction on the Ropsten Testnet.

How can I use a smart contract?

Each contract has a short explanation on the overview page. There, you see what type of contracts are provided and which you can buy.

Of course you can emit your own certificate through Contract creation process.

Are the available smart contracts safe?

The contracts are tested and analyzed by our smart contract expert team. So the described functionality is guaranteed. If there are any concerns, please reach out to us. As soon as a contract causes problems, it is banned.

Moreover, each contract can be used on the testnet (e.g. Ropsten) and of course the mainnet.

All contracts are open source, so everybody can have a look at them:

How looks the contract closing procedure?

The contract is closed a day after the due date. For the final price, usually the official closing price is taken.

How comes to stock data into the blockchain

We have a update server that is fetching the data from the stock market and publishes it into the blockchain daily.

Which this information, events could be triggered. For example a knock out certificate could be closed.

See the actions of our Oracle server:


What is the content of the community?

There are two types of discussions in the community:

  1. Stock evaluations/prediction and market analysis
  2. Smart Contracts regarded issues

Please be always aware of our community guidelines.


How much does it cost?

There are 3 different membership right now which have different prices. These prices are calculated to cover our costs.

You can see it best, when you have a look at it:


Thank you and have fun!